Advertise to Moms Through Online Communities

There’s something very unique that has happened with the online world. Moms that may never see each other in the same room connect, communicate, and build relationships through online communities. They start to trust each other’s opinions. The best way to advertise to those moms is to build a relationship with them. This is called ROR [return on relationship] instead of ROI [return on investment].

Find a community that you are excited to be a part of, set up your profile, and become friends. Pretty soon you will naturally be sharing and receiving advice and you can talk about your business or product without feeling like a door to door salesman.

Remember that it doesn’t have to just be online communities. Look for local moms or womens groups to advertise to moms there by building genuine relationships.

To Increase Your Advertising Effectiveness – Stop Selling!

by Karon Thackston

How many times have you heard the old adage, “The customer doesn’t want a drill, he wants a hole in his wall”? While I may disagree with parts of that phrase, one thing is for sure… if you want to increase your advertising effectiveness, you have to stop selling what YOU want the customer to buy and start solving his problems.

What exactly does that mean? For starters, it means finding out who your customers are and what challenges they face. It also means that your ad copy, your tag line, your Web site design, your brochure, your customer service plan and your support need to all work in concert to provide the solutions to those challenges.

The most effective advertising pieces don’t sell… they fulfill. They don’t talk about the company… they talk about the customer. They don’t push price… they provide solutions.

When you focus on the customer in your advertising copy, when you get inside the mind of your customer and speak to their emotional needs, you will see greater results.

Here are 7 tips for creating copy that does not sell… but provides a solution.

1. Talk TO the customer, not ABOUT the company. Yes, you have to mention your company name so they’ll know who you are. But the majority of your copy should speak to the customer and his/her needs. Not: “ABC Web Site Designers has been in business for 13 years. We do great work. Our clients think this or that. We provide design, java and cgi. Our customer service can’t be beat. ABC is the best and you should use us.”

2. Use “you” and “your” and write as if only one person were reading your ad or site. Make your copy personal.

3. Get Real! Use real-life examples in your copy. Reach your customers on their level by identifying with them. Instead of something like, “You can get more organized and stay that way” say “You’ll be able to find your keys in 5 minutes or less and never again wonder if you or your spouse is supposed to pick up the kids today.”

4. Get emotional! Most buying decisions are emotional. Your ad copy should be, too! Bring out their frustration, their anger, their greed. Whatever the situation calls for, use those emotions in your copy. Example: “After you throw the plunger across the room and SCREAM… call ABC Plumbing.”

5. Benefits, benefits, benefits. I know you’ve heard it 1,000 times, but you simply must fill your copy with benefits. Always answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

6. Show them they’ll get results. Tell your customers what life will be like AFTER your product or service solves all their problems. By showing them that they will get their desired end result, you make a very persuasive argument for your product.

7. Be their friend. Let your copy portray you as “easy-to-like”. Show your customer that you’re their friend who is willing and able to help instead of just another business who wants them to buy.

When you put the focus on the people with the money… the people who keep your business up and going, you can work wonders with your copy. You’ll see your sales improve if you just quit selling!

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Before you advertise do your research

Facebook users don’t really want to click on an advertisement and be taken to a new site, most especially a sales page. What they would rather happen is click on the ad banner, and be taken to another Facebook Page. You can create wonderful, interactive Facebook pages that offer group discussions, newsletter sign up features, and even a way to order your products and services. If you design your Facebook advertisement this way Facebook users will not be as irritated about clicking on your advertisement.

Before you advertise it’s important to do market research in order to create effective advertising campaigns. If you’re advertising to moms, for instance, your advertisement can’t really just go out to “all moms”. All moms is not a target market. Be very specific about your target. If you’re posting work at home advertising directed toward Moms you want to know which mom this business fits.  It doesn’t fit all moms, it might fit  moms who care about home schooling, or moms who breastfeed, or moms who are into green living, or moms who love do it yourself decorating projects. It’s imperative that you determine these factors before you advertise.

In addition to researching your target audience the other market research you should do is find out if your product or service is actually filling a niche that needs to be filled. If you already have competition so much the better. It’s easier to sell something that has competition because you already know there is a need. Essentially someone else has done the research. But, if your product or service is completely new and no one else is doing it, it would behoove you to determine if this is something that really is needed before you embark on an advertising campaign on Facebook or anywhere.

Knowing who is spending money and on what is an important aspect of finding out where to advertise as well as what to advertise. There are so many places to advertise that what might be hot to one niche is not working in another. Facebook ads work in very specific circumstances, ensure that your niche fits that condition before you advertise. Knowing where to advertise is just part of the whole issue. Whether it is free advertising on the web, or advertising networks devoted to advertising to moms, or an ad exchange, ad network, or something else entirely, doing the research before you advertise will increase your return on investment (ROI).

Let me hear from you. Have you had success advertising on Facebook? What about someplace else? I want to know what works for you. Yes, share your failures too. Failure is just a way to learn, without failure you’re not trying hard enough so share that too!

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